Rent Right in Randolph

12 Prince St, Randolph, VT
Rent Right

Rent Right is a series of classes for tenants and those searching for housing.  Capstone Community Action has teamed up with Vermont Tenants to implement the Rent Right Program in Orange County. Students can take any class as a stand-alone class or the entire set of classes. 

Course Curriculum includes: 

1. Finding Housing: This is a small workshop.  Students leave with a packet of housing search tools, an overview of the housing search process, a draft resume to give to potential landlords, and a plan for addressing specific individual barriers to getting into housing. They also can get their credit pulled and have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one budget and credit counseling.

2. Tenant Skills: This 2-hour class covers basic tenant rights and responsibilities, including landlord communication, leases, security deposits, dealing with problems, repairs, neighbors, etc., legal responsibilities as a tenant, avoiding common evictions, and available resources to help with finding and keeping housing.

3. Budget Coaching: Money In, Money Out- knowing what’s coming in for cash and benefits each month and recognizing where it all goes is essential to maintaining healthy personal finances.  In this class you will learn how to track your spending, manage cashflow, save money for an upcoming expense, and prioritize bills when there isn’t enough to make it through the month.

4. Building & Maintaining Great Credit for a Lifetime: Having good credit will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime.  From renting an apartment, getting a job offer, paying for college, and having better insurance rates and prime lending opportunities, your credit score matters.  In this class you will learn the keys to building and maintaining great credit, how to interpret your report and steps you can take now to improve your credit score.

These classes are offered throughout the summer 3:30pm to 5:30pm on August 20th and August 27th. 

To register please call (802) 728-9506 or email 

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