Save money and the planet. We offer comprehensive services for Vermonters of all incomes to ensure your home, apartment or housing unit is operating at its best.

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Overview-Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Services

Capstone’s Weatherization programs:

  • Decrease a home’s energy consumption
  • Reduce a client’s carbon footprint
  • Save a household money
  • Show homeowner’s how they can save energy
  • Increase comfort
  • Increase property value

Capstone will perform energy savings renovations to stop heat from leaking out of the building and reducing the loss of heat through the walls and roofs of your home (also known as weatherization).  For income qualified individuals there is no charge through our Weatherization Assistance Program. If you do not qualify under the no-cost program, we can still help through EnergySmart, our award-winning social enterprise.  

Capstone is pleased to offer these services to all homes – from single family to multifamily households.  In certain instances we can do more – if you’re a landlord of a multifamily building (5 units and higher) planning to do major renovations and looking to save more than what standard Weatherization can offer our 3E Thermal program can help.

No-Cost Weatherization

Capstone provides weatherization services free of charge to central Vermonters who meet income and other qualifications. Trained professionals will review the problem areas in your home and identify the most cost-effective steps that can be taken to increase comfort, reduce heat loss, and ensure safety.

See details below to learn if you're eligible or click on the brochure linked below:

Capstone No Cost Weatherization Brochure

Capstone No Cost Weatherization Brochure - elegibility guidelines

If you are eligible for No-Cost Weatherization, please fill out the application below. 

Download Weatherization Brochure

Download Weatherization Application



Energysmart of Vermont is a social enterprise of Capstone.  We are an energy renovation contracting company. We help building owners make their buildings more efficient and comfortable, and less expensive to heat and cool. Our vision is to make every one of Vermont's buildings energy-efficient.

How Do We Do It?

We conduct a comprehensive energy assessment; we recommend specific performance improvements; and we act as the contractors on the job, doing the necessary renovations. We've managed energy renovation projects on thousands of homes and businesses in Vermont, and we are the leading energy renovation contractor in the state.

The Greenest Building is the One that's Already There

Vermont has old housing stock that needs lots of work to make it cost-effective. We are up to the challenge of helping 100-year-old houses become energy-efficient. We want to help Vermonters manage their buildings effectively, so we are good stewards of resources for future generations.

100% of Profits to Community Action

Because we are a social enterprise of Capstone Community Action we have a unique mission. Our energy renovation work helps fund our parent organization's charitable endeavors.  We develop project estimates like any other construction company, and we pay our staff a fair wage for the demanding work they do. But instead of profits flowing back to the owners of the business, the profits from our contracting projects flow back into the community. They help fund the many other services that Capstone provides in our community.

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3E Thermal

3E Thermal provides technical support and cash incentives to help building owners make comprehensive “building performance” improvements in affordable multifamily housing.

Make your building:

  • More durable
  • More functional
  • Require less maintenance
  • More comfortable
  • More desirable to tenants
  • Safer and healthier
  • AND save on annual fuel costs.

3E Thermal has a broader scope than traditional weatherization programs. We’re not installers, we’re consultants. We get involved in the design process and support owners in determining the most effective energy efficiency solutions. Our major functions are to:

  • Analyze a building’s energy performance and define energy efficiency solutions
  • Offer incentives for solutions to create greener buildings
  • Provide contractors with effective, leading-edge techniques
  • Educate building professionals about state-of-the-art energy efficiency
  • Serve as the central communication hub on energy upgrade projects

In this short video, we explain our process for working with apartment building owners and contractors on energy retrofit projects.


For more information, call 3E Thermal at 802 477-5092, email or go to  

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